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Here are the images of new venezuelan currency to be issued slowly starting january 16 currencies usd flag yvke the value of one u s dollar in venezuelan bolívares fuertes before 20 august 2018 and soberanos on parallel or black market through time federico parra afp getty images.

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The Value Of One U S Dollar In Venezuelan Bolívares Fuertes Before 20 August 2018 And Soberanos On Parallel Or Black Market Through Time
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I Estimate Venezuela S Annual Inflation Rate At 335 That The Highest In World For Those Holding Bolivars
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Venezuela Launches Alternative Currency Exchange Bolivar Down By 35

Inflation Represented By The Time It Would Take In Years For Money To Lose 90 Of Its Value 301 Day Rolling Average Inverted Logarithmic Scale
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Will venezuela s latest exchange rate reforms help venezuela presents new currency exchange auction system icslatam com venezuela currency change devaluation to bolivar fuerte january 8 venezuelan former treasurer says he accepted 1 billion in bribes venezuela no rule of law bad money aier venezuela ban on currency exchange for local residents was lifted.